Anna Szlejcher – National University of Cordoba, Argentina

Symposium Title: “Some considerations about the records of the missing persons in Argentina”

Anna Szlejcher was born in Switzerland and lives in Argentina. She has been an academic since 1970, as Full Professor of Archival Science and Records Management and Director of the School of Archival Science at the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. She has also held a post as Professor of the Inter-American Centre for the Development of Archives with financial support from Organization of American States (OAS). At present, she is director of research of Archival Science and Records Management. Her specialties are records management and her research includes the long preservation of authenticity of digital records.

She is also a research co-applicant in InterPARES Trust 2013, as part of Team Latin America. She has degrees in Archival Science and History and a Master’s in “Cultural Heritage, Administration, Legislation and Conservation” from the National University of Cordoba in Argentina. She represented Argentina in setting the UNESCO “Memory of the World” Programme. She has been a Full Member of the Bureau of Section for Archival Education of the International Council of Archives (ICA/SAE) since 2004, and joint Secretary from 2008 to 2012. She has served as the Coordinator of the Latin American Network of Archival Teaching University (RIBEAU) and as a permanent member of the Committee of the Latin American Association of Archives (ALA) branch of ICA (2001-present). She is also a Member of Editorial Board of Archival Science. She has been a guest speaker at various cities in American countries, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Basma Makhlouf Shabou – University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, Switzerland

Symposium Title: “Archives and the Preservation of Human Rights and Public Memory in Democratic Transition: Case of Tunisian Revolution”

Basma Makhlouf Shabou completed a Bachelor in Social Studies (1997), Master’s Degree in Records Management (2000), and a Ph.D. in Information Sciences (2011, http://hdl.handle.net/1866/4955). She has been a Professor of Archival Sciences in the Information Studies Department at the Geneva School of Business Administration since September 2010. She has taught in several other schools and universities as part of various Archival Sciences programs: from 2002-2003 at the Institut Superieur de Documentation (ISD) at the University of Manouba of Tunisia, and from 2005 to 2010 at the School of Library and Information Sciences of the University of Montreal (EBSI-UdeM). She started her career at the National Archives of Tunisia as a Chief manager of Public Records Management (1999-2003). She was particularly involved in the conception and implementation of the National Records Management Program of the Tunisian government. During her doctoral studies at EBSI, she participated in several research projects. Her research as well as her conference papers and publications focus mainly on archival appraisal, measurement of archival quality and value, and access to public data. Her latest research is on 1) cloud computing, 2) the measurement of electronic records qualities and 3) the conception and implementation of information governance. Most recently, in 2013, she joined the teams of the Records in the Cloud and InterPARES Trust projects.

Basma Makhlouf Shabou Symposium Presentation

Basma Makhlouf Shabou Seminar Presentation

Bruce P Montgomery – University of Colorado, United States

Symposium Title: “Seizure and Repatriation: Iraq’s Contested Archives”

Bruce P. Montgomery is Professor and Faculty Director of Archives & Special Collections at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is the founding director of the UCB Human Rights Initiative and has served as a consultant for the Institute for Defense Analysis, a Pentagon-funded think tank, in creating the Conflict Records Research Center (CRRC), a digital resource center that makes available digital copies of captured Al-Qaeda, Taliban, and Saddam Hussein regime records. He has also  provided consulting services to the CRRC concerning operational and development matters. His recent article, “Rescue or Return: The Fate of the Iraqi Jewish Archive,” has become a centerpiece in the international controversy and campaign surrounding efforts to prevent the return of the archive to Baghdad. He is the author of three books; his articles on Iraqi documents that have been seized during times of internal rebellion, war, and occupation have appeared in such publications as the International Journal on Cultural Property, Journal of American studies, Archivaria, and the American Archivist.

Hrvoje Stancic – University of Zagreb, Croatia

Symposium Title: “From Traditional to Digital Archives: The Case of Croatia”

Hrvoje Stancic, Ph.D., associate professor at the Department of information and Communication sciences, Faculty of humanities and social sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia and Head of the Chair for archival and documentation science. He teaches at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level of studies. For five years he was guest professor at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for two years at the University of St. Kliment Ohridski in Bitola, FYR Macedonia. He was a researcher at several national and international research projects and is currently managing the Croatian research consortium in the InterPARES Trust project. He is the author or co-author of two books, 11 book chapters, and around 50 scientific and professional articles. He is co-editor of four proceedings of international conferences. He is member of Croatian Archival Association, Croatian Information and Documentation Association and he is a member of and the Faculty representative in International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS).

Hrvoje Stancic Symposium Presentation

Hrvoje Stancic Seminar Presentation

Mpho Ngoepe – University of South Africa, South Africa

Symposium Title: “To Hell or Heaven? Destruction and Repatriation of Records in Pre- and Post-Apartheid South Africa: Implications on Social Memory and Justice”

Dr. Mpho Ngoepe is a lecturer at the Department of Information Science at the University of South Africa. Prior to this position, Dr. Ngoepe worked for the Auditor-General of South Africa, the National Archives of South Africa, and United Nations Children’s Fund. He is currently serving on the board of the Eastern and Southern African Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives (2010-2015) and the national committee of the South Africa Society of Archivists (2009-2015) as the editor of the journals. His research interests include archives, auditing, records management, corporate governance, risk management, archival diplomatics, digital records forensics, and informetrics.

Mpho Ngoepe Symposium Presentation

Rania El-Gazzar – University of Agder, Norway

Symposium Title: “Cloud Computing Adoption Challenges in Developing Countries: Case of Egypt”

Rania Fahim El-Gazzar is a PhD Research Fellow in the Department of Information Systems at University of Agder in Kristiansand, Norway. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, with a major in Management Information Systems (MIS) and a Master’s degree in Information Systems from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport in Alexandria, Egypt. Her current research is in the area of enterprise cloud computing adoption in the context of developed vs. developing countries. Rania recently presented a conceptual paper at the International Conference on Cloud Security Management (ICCSM 2013) about the external influences that affect enterprise decisions to adopt cloud computing.

Silvia Schenkolewski – Bar Ilan University, Israel

Symposium Title: “Jewish Archives and Jewish Archival Documents – Israel and the Diasporas”

Dr. Silvia Schenkolewski Kroll  Ph.D., is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Information Science at Bar Ilan University, Israel. She taught in the School of Librarianship, Archive and Information Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem for eighteen years. She has served as chairperson of the Editorial Committee of Arkhiyyon published by the Israel Archives Association and she was a member of the editorial committee of What Students in Archival Science Learn: A Bibliography for Teachers, ICA/SAE. She has published articles about archival science and archival education in Israel, Spain and Argentina, including “Archival Description, Information Retrieval, and Construction of Thesauri in Israeli Archives” (co-author Assaf Tractinsky) which appeared in Archival Science in March 2006. From 1996 to 2004 she was a member of the steering committees of ICA/SAE and ICA/SBL.

She has also been actively involved in archival scholarship in Latin America. In 2003 she organized the first ICA/SAE Regional Conference in Latin America, at Huerta Grande (Argentina). In 2005 she visited Argentina, Uruguay and Chile and lectured at many conferences on archival description and business archives. In 2007 and 2011, she taught courses in the Escuela de Archivologia (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina) on macro-appraisal and access. In the same years, she delivered lectures at the VII and IX Congreso de Archivos del Mercosur at Viña del Mar and Asunción del Paraguay, “Legajos Personales como Fuentes de la Memoria Personal y Colectiva” and “Archivos de Empresas: de la Gestión Documental a la Investigación Histórico Social en el Siglo XXI” respectively.

In October 2006, she presented a paper on  “Archival Education as Part of Information Science: The Case of Israel” at the Second Asia-Pacific Conference for Archival Educators and Trainers. She was chairperson of the Archives Section in the 22th – 28th Annual International Conference and Exhibition Info, Tel-Aviv from 2007 to 2013. Since 2013 she has been a member of the European team of InterPARES Trust.

Silvia Schenkolewski Symposium Presentation

Silvia Schenkolewski Seminar Presentation